Cantium Electronics is an independent distributor of electronic components. We specialise in offering a higher level of service to our customer base, placing the ‘can’ in Cantium. Anything you require in your sourcing needs, we will go above and beyond to provide for you.

Cantium Electronics is an ISO9001:2008 approved distributor, providing products from approved, recognised sources worldwide, ensuring full traceability on our products.

The Team

Cantium has a combined experience in the franchised electronic components distribution in excess of 100 years. In this time, Cantium has forged and nurtured relationships with worldwide manufacturers, distributors and agents. Our collective knowledge provides a resource to assist your company in receiving a level of service above the expectation of the electronics market.

Cantium Can

Cantium stretches the boundaries of service with every customer. Cantium provides a myriad of value added services and are willing to meet any requirements you may have to make your life in procurement much easier. If you are looking for a competitive and friendly service which tailors itself to your every need, then Cantium can.