Dedicated Dynamic Distribution

Utilising Cantium’s substantial worldwide network that has been built on 155 years of combined experience, Cantium empowers your business by bridging the vast gap between the franchised distributor and the broker. Franchised distributors provide strict pricing, ordering by allocation and pigeon hole their customers into purchasing in the currency of their choosing. Brokers in contrast are a minefield of unreliability, high risk in a flooded counterfeit grey market and are inconsistent in providing a sustainable tail end source.

3D places Cantium at the centre of this dimension, bringing your business the purchasing power to source from franchised distribution internationally whilst having a long term trusted backbone of representatives worldwide ensuring that utilising a grey market source is not the high risk it would be with a standard broker.

Cantium 3D is dedicated to providing our customer with the service that you require and it evolves to meet your demands. We sell to you in your base currency, we ship to where your supply chain needs it and we place ourselves in a position with your company where we become an extension of your supply chain, rather than a separate entity.