Counterfeit Products & You

Cantium Electronics is very aware of the issues surrounding counterfeit products and adopts various tactics in avoiding them.

As more products are affected, prudent and rigorous procedures become evermore important as we protect our customers’ production lines.

Increasing levels of sophistication by the counterfeiters can be witnessed, as more instances of counterfeit components are un-covered.

Various tactics are employed by less scrupulous traders and the ability to identify potential problem parts or suppliers forms an important
and necessary focus for all of us.

As a recent example, One-time programmable parts (OTP) have been attempted to be placed on the market already custom programmed!
“Used” parts are interspersed amongst new and original components and re-packaged onto reels.

When accessing stock in the ‘grey-market’ one way to fully identify the genuine products from those of dubious source, is 100% test and inspection.

In an effort to avoid counterfeit or used products, Cantium remains diligent with it’s selected partners.

Honesty, transparency and solid working relationships drive our global supply partners to deliver genuine ‘good’ products.

If any doubt to a component’s provenance exists, our customers can remain confident in Cantium’s ability to detect and investigate the batch further.

As our supplier’s know they will not receive payment until our customer’s confirm the goods we’ve delivered are fit, form and function as per the specified
manufacturer’s data sheet, we totally eradicate the possibility of paying for items that are useless.

This peace of mind is transferred to our customers too as they are afforded the same guarantee – Component not right? No payment!

In an effort to reduce the possibilities of rogue components in the supply chain, we retain a network of franchised distributors and utilise our relationships
with trusted companies across the world.

The carrot of “payment only when goods proven” reduces wasted time, reduces useless inventory, but more importantly, protects our customer’s image and brands as
the need to keep production lines producing remains paramount.

Sometimes buyers can’t locate product in their local market – When it’s one of those times, choose Cantium.
Cantium’s robust attitude to a ‘clean market place’ protects our business and delivers confidence to customers with less experience when sourcing in the global arena.

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