Cantium Immediate Purchasing Services

Unsure about a new supplier? Only expecting to do a one-off order with them?

Let Cantium provide you the purchasing power. Cantium can provide you with the ability to purchase from the one time suppliers but on your Cantium account. Get all of your one off purchases on the terms that you are already happy with, bypassing the risks of paying in advance to unknown suppliers. Cantium’s many years of experience within the electronics industry places us in the unique position of having a large and well maintained network of suppliers worldwide.

Please note that Terms and Conditions will Apply to ensure the safety of all immediate purchase transactions.

Benefits of Immediate Purchasing

  • Provides you with the power to purchase from anywhere with the safety of your Cantium account
  • Remove the obligation to set up multiple accounts with single time suppliers
  • All of your purchases appear from the same supplier, one set of invoices, one set of payment terms

  • Please call us to learn more.