Tail End Supply.

Condense your huge accounts list by wrapping up the supplier’s you may only use once or twice yearly and let Cantium provide a one stop solution. Get just the one invoice and save on the hidden costs involved in using multiple suppliers. We are in a position to save you both time and money.

Cantium can provide all the purchasing power you need, making your life easier.

  • Would you prefer to pay all of your invoices in Sterling? US Dollars? Yen? Whichever currency suits you best, Cantium will invoice you only in the currency you wish to pay in.
  • Looking to avoid all of the hidden costs found in purchasing from overseas? Cantium will help you to avoid unwanted TT charges, freight duty and handling charges associated with using overseas suppliers.
  • Juggling ten’s of hundreds of suppliers is very difficult. Cantium is here to take the pressure off.