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Cantium Electronics – Moving to Bigger and Better

Cantium Electronics are pleased to announce that the relocation of the Canterbury Headquarters has now been completed. Cantium’s CEO Amir Maali had the following to say: “It’s a great achievement for Cantium to have transitioned so smoothly to our new premises. The significant upgrade in facilities will further solidify Cantium’s core values of providing the […]

GTK Electronics and Cantium Electronics Form Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance Cantium are pleased to announce that GTK Electronics and Cantium have formed a strategic alliance in order to apply Cantium’s vast experience in the European distribution sectors and provide an even higher standard to GTK’s already flourishing customer base. Since October of 2011, GTK and Cantium have worked tirelessly to ensure that existing […]

Cantium Electronics on Facebook

Cantium Electronics is undergoing an online facelift and as a part of the great work achieved in partnership with AddoDito, Cantium has now expanded to Facebook. We hope that our friends, suppliers and customers alike can help to launch our Facebook presence and help in promoting the work that we do within the electronics industry. […]

Counterfeit Products & You

Cantium Electronics is very aware of the issues surrounding counterfeit products and adopts various tactics in avoiding them. As more products are affected, prudent and rigorous procedures become evermore important as we protect our customers’ production lines. Increasing levels of sophistication by the counterfeiters can be witnessed, as more instances of counterfeit components are un-covered. […]